What you'll get at every class at PFS

No matter what your age or fitness level, every class is catered to meet everyone’s needs. The importance of the client working at his/her own level is constantly emphasized and modifications are always presented. Good form is the focus including practicing quality over quantity. Creating a connection between mind and body is imperative. The knowledge and passion our team has for teaching becomes very clear when you experience one of our classes. Our certifications, along with our continuous personal practice and continued education through workshops and seminars, prove each of us to be an excellent teacher for beginners to the advanced. Focusing on sound biomechanics integrating the MECA principles which stand for Mobility, Elasticity, Core Strength + Stability, and Adaptability, the key elements to a healthy and strong lower back and overall core. You'll never get bored with our always new and exciting class structures and music. Come with a positive attitude and an open mind.

PLEASE NOTE: Kindly arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your first class, in order to fill out a medical history form, discuss any specific needs or concerns and so we can go over some key elements with you so you can get the most out of class. Thank you! Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the studio. If you would like to wear shoes, that is not a problem, however, kindly bring a clean soled pair of shoes with you. Please refrain from wearing any strong perfumes or fragrances to the studio. Thank you for your understanding. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring water. Students are responsible for providing their own mat. Mats are for sale at the studio for your convenience. There is a limited supply of studio mats. You are welcome to borrow a mat for your first class.

Parking & Entering

Parking is off Sea Street behind the Port Centre Building where we are located in the heart of downtown Harwich Port. If in the summer months you are looking for additional parking our great neighbors at The Port Restuarant and Cape Sea Grille, both off Sea Street, have kindly opened their lots to us thorughout the day. Or if you would like to stroll through Harwich Port on your way to class, there is plenty of parking down town, directly across the street at either Bank during off hours or diagonally across the street at the municipal lot. Please enter the building through the rear entrance, right off the parking lot from Sea Street and follow signage to the studio.


We prefer cash or check so we can continue to support the local community through the money we save in credit card fees. Thank you for your support!

Group Class Pricing

1 class = $20
5 classes = $85
10 classes = $160
20 classes = $300
30 classes = $420


Class Descriptions

Not all classes below are taught year round, however custom classes and semi-private sessions are available any time of year. Please inquire.

Total Conditioning

Total Conditioning (TC) is a total body, interval style class. TC utilizes bio-mechanically sound and safe exercises while increasing your metabolism, improving your cardiovascular capacity, strength, body awareness, stability and mobility. You never know what "toys" may be utilized, such as Kettlebells (in the safest most effective manner), the TRX (suspension training system), resistance bands, the Bosu (half dome balance trainer), and medicine balls, to name a few. Come join in the fun! Every muscle is worked, your heart will be pumping, and your body will be working in ways you never imagined! You will leave PFS with a renewed self-confidence and body awareness, sweaty and happy that you came!

Advanced Total Conditioning

Before participating in Advanced Total Conditioning, one must be able to properly execute all Essential Kettlebell Exercises and have received clearance to participate from either Amy, Lisa or Meg. A private or semi-private session may be necessary before taking Advanced Total Conditioning. Thank you for your understanding.


MECA Yoga takes all of the back friendly elements of a traditional yoga class and ties a PFS/MECA spin to it, focusing on sound biomechanics made for bodies of today. Open tissue that is tight and restricted. Strengthen tissue that is unstable. Connect with your breath, create unparalleled core strength and learn to be more mindful and present, while consciously learning how to move your body safely and effectively with compassion, safety and understanding. Leave feeling educated, empowered, peaceful and centered.

PLEASE NOTE: For Beach MECA Yoga kindly bring a towel or blanket. Thank you!


MECA Core is revolutionizing back health by utilizing the MECA Wedge, a trapezoidal shaped tool designed to reverse the penalties we place on our backs from sitting, bending, twisting, etc, … while creating unparalleled core strength. Combining glute-activation with Pilates and Yoga based philosophies such as breathing, control, precision, balance and fluidity, all while focusing on overall body awareness, MECA Core brings it all together.

MECA Balance

MECA Balance is just that a nice "balance" between Total Conditioning and MECA Core where some days we will push our heart rates, strength and stability and other days we may have a greater focus on tissue health, range of motion and motor pattern recruitment. No matter what form is the focus and having a good time is a must!

Total Body

A gentler variation of our Total Conditioning class. Total Body is ideal for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. If you have been away from exercise for a bit and looking to get reintroduced or have never stepped foot in any organized class, Total Body is for you. However, if you are a regular looking for a slower pace during a busy week, look no further. This class is great for every body, covering everything from myofacial work to strength, proper range of motion, stability and everything in between. Total Body is a feel good foundational class where you will work your "total body," while strengthening effectively, stretching appropriately and preventing injury, while improving the quality of your life. Total Body will teach you how to move, lift, turn and stand better and smarter, while improving your posture and overall body awareness. Come see for yourself!

Tissue Health

Improve your circulation, and care for your tissue. Liberate your body with trigger point and myofascial release. This class is all about teaching you how to better care for your body from a restorative and regenerative stand point. Your body will thank you.

TRX Combo

TRX Combo takes the TRX (Suspension Training System) and incorporates a variety of other “toys” to help you strengthen, stretch and move with fantastic form while getting an incredible and fun workout.

Cardio Boxing

Learn proper boxing techniques while getting your sweat on and maybe some aggression out in a fun and safe sweat fest!

Please Note: Not all classes below are taught year round, however customs classes and semi-private sessions are available any time of year. Please inquire.

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