Have your questions answered and make sense of all the nutrition confusion out there. Learn how to nurture a stress-free relationship with food for total health, wellness, weight loss or weight gain, and most importantly happiness and peace of mind.


Have you been wanting to cook healthier meals, but can’t seem to get them to taste as delicious and exciting as you’d like, or are you not even sure where to start? Do you own an instant pot or air fryer and it remains in the box, despite how much you’d like to use it? Do you want to make meal prep and cooking easier and more convenient so you always have delicious, healthy food on hand ready to go?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you have any nutrition or cooking questions you want to be answered, let us help you get those questions answered and teach you the skills, tips, and tricks for success to feel your best.

From how to cook more healthy, plant-centered/based recipes to great ideas of what to cook and how to make your time in the grocery store and kitchen more effective, we’ve got you covered.

Like everything PFS, our private cooking sessions are completely customizable to meet your needs and goals.